About Uganda

Uganda nestled northern shores of Lake Victoria, the equator line pass. Uganda is famous for mountain gorillas with other wildlife species inhabited in natural environment. The northern part is semi arid while the rest of country is extremely green and fertile.

There are wildlife parks, attractive countryside, mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and cultural. Uganda the matoke land is top for mountain gorillas tracking, murchison falls experience, water rafting in Nile River, cultural and historical expeditions.

Diversity of Uganda’s wildlife reflects wide array of landscapes and eco systems ranging from high altitude rainforests in the West to the rich savannah grasslands in the East. From Lake Victoria, Nile River, Crater Lakes along Rift valley to the semi arid area and bush lands of the North.

Uganda inhabited by various tribal groups with their own ways of life inherited from ancestors. Unspoiled culture and tradition spread in every region which allows visitors to experience in Uganda.

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