Mount Meru

mount meru trekkingMount Meru standing 4565m above sea level is the second highest volcano mountain of Tanzania located in Arusha national park. Mt Meru dominate the northern horizon of the park with two volcanic peaks little Meru and Socialist Peak the most highest point of Meru.

Meru climbing takes almost 3 to 4 days using momela route which leads to the top with constructed huts of Miriakamba and Saddle for accommodation. Meru preferred by climbers for acclimatization before conquering the highest peak in Africa Kilimanjaro. Meru does not require any techniques or special equipments to reach the top but only good health, fitness and good preparation.

Mount meru reached from Arusha National park the closest wildlife protection area with beautiful lakes, waterfall, volcano crater, wildlife and vegetation zones ranging from savannah, montane forest to alpine desert found on mountain area.