Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya 5199m is a highest peak of Kenya and a second highest mountain in Africa. The highest peaks of Mt Kenya is Batian 5,199 metres (17,057 ft), Nelion 5,188 metres (17,021 ft) and Lenana 4,985 metres (16,355 ft).
mt kenyaMount Kenya is clear seen at dawn with its impressive summit. With ecology of afro alpine flora it provides an outstanding experience for visitors during climbing adventure. The main three routes to summit Mount Kenya, one of volcanic extinct mountain pass through the forest and moorland.

At 5199m summit region requires amount of energy to conquer while at lesser peak as Lenana point (4985m) reached easily. The climb tour takes between 3 to 5 days of crossing the fascinating forest with wide varieties of vegetation as Podocarpus and Grounsel before reaching high to equatorial region.

Mount Kenya Climbing Routes Highlights
Mount Kenya climbing routes as Naromoru, Sirimon and Chogoria each offers different experience. Naromoru is fastest route to Lenana point but less scenic compare to other two routes. Chogoria route is most scenic and Sirimon route is most interesting route as it cross drier side of the mountain.