Hanang Mountain

Hanang Mountain in Hanang district is the fourth highest mountain in the country found in Hanang village Babati. Standing 3418m high Mount Hanang area dominated by two major ethnic societies the Iraqw and Barbaig of Manyara region.

Hanang mountain area is known for superb treks, walking, bird watching with over 400 species of birds found in the area and culture insight of Iraqw and Barbaig tribes. Close to Hanang is the town of Babati with Lake Babati. Here you can experience cultural tour and fishing adventure with local canoe while viewing hippos.

Mount Hanang treks activities takes 5 to 6 hour’s ascent and 3 to 4 hours and up to 2 days trek. Popular trekking route include Ngendabi, Katesh and Giting.

Katesh Route

This is popular and shortest route approached from south western ridge takes 5 to 6 hours to ascent and next 3 to 4 hours to descend. Also you may wish to camp on top of summit for overnight descending the following day.

Ngendabi Route

Starting from Ngedabi village around 16km away northwest of Katesh offers spectacular scenery. Here it is possible to change descending route to explore different environment of Hanang.

Giting Route

Giting route reached from north eastside of mountain from Giting village. Is the main alternative route for Katesh and Gendabi.