Olmoti Crater Walking

Olmoti Crater located 13km north of Lemala the ascent and descent road to Ngorongoro crater. Olmoti crater floor is shallow covered with grass and crossed by water streams that create Munge River. The olmoti crater is accessed via Nainokanoka gate located in Nainokanoka Maasai village where the campsite nestled.

Standing 3080m above sea level the name Olmoti comes from Maasai language meaning cooking pot. Olmoti crater floor covered with grassy suitable for grazers include Maasai cattle and wild animals. Munge River flows in crater surface form a beautiful waterfall in the area and important source of fresh water for wildlife in Ngorongoro area.

Olmoti crater is special place for hike and walking within crater floor and crater rim covered by mountain forest with wild animals. Also you can enjoy long walking from Embulbul depression, Salei plains to Empakai crater and Lake Natron below Rift valley wall.