Lake Eyasi Hadzabe Bushmen with Datoga Tour

Lake Eyasi inhabited with Hadzabe Bushmen the Datoga and also Iraqw tribe located south of Ngorongoro highlands and Serengeti. Lake Eyasi with abundance of fish and birds is a shallow soda lake nestled beneath Great Rift Valley in Tanzania surrounded by acacia vegetation.

Highlights of the area include hadzabe or bushmen, datoga tribe, lake eyasi with abundance of fish and bird species, magnificent scenery, landscapes, acacia forest with some wild animals and also other ethnics as Iraqw (Wambulu) and Wanyiramba.

Hadzabe (Hadza) or Bushmen is the last remaining hunter and gatherer community in Africa found along the lake Eyasi. With their traditional lifestyle of leaving in caves and holes, hunting with bow and arrows, collecting wild honey, gathering fruits, tuber, roots and herbs, their local skill of making fire, they have manage to survive until now.

Datoga the famous blacksmith and pastoral by nature found in the area. The Datoga are nomadic tending to move from one area to another search for fresh pastures for their cattleā€™s. There are among talented ethnic in iron skills by making various iron tools as spears, arrows and knives by using their local methods.