Saanane National Park

Saanane Island National Park cover the area of 2.18square km in the gulf of Lake Victoria comprising the three islets full of aquatic nature. Saanane Island is among smallest national park of Tanzania located within the city with mammals like impala, rock hyrax, velvet monkeys, wild cat and unique De-brazas only inhabited in the park.

The reptiles include crocodiles, monitor lizards, agama lizards, pancake and leopard tortoises, with snakes especially python. In aquatic environment inhabited with fish species as Tilapia and Nile Perch.

Saanane Island is ideal place for game viewing, bird watching, rock hiking, boat cruise, walking, picnics, bush lunch, photographic /filming, meditation and sport fishing. Island is accessed through short boat ride about 5 minutes from park offices located on the mainland.