Ngorongoro Conservation Area

olduvai gorge ngorongoro archaelogical site tanzaniaNgorongoro Conservation Area a cradle of mankind with area of 8300square km inhabited with Indigenous the Maasai, Cattle and Wildlife both sharing the land. Established in 1959 is Unesco world heritage site with various attractions includes craters as empakai, olmoti, ngorongoro crater, northern highland forest reserve, loliondo game controlled area, archaeological site of olduvai gorge, paleontological site of laetoli, ndutu lake, masek lake with Serengeti southern plain, shifting sandy, nasera rock, oldeani mountain, lemagarut mountain and gol mountain.

Known as cradle of mankind the Area is rich in historical background includes the discovery of skull of early human exist in the world dated back to 1.7 million years around Olduvai Gorge. Further in Laetoli human foot print dated 3.6 million was discovered by Mary Leakey. This pioneer multiple land use area includes people, cattle and wildlife sharing same environment without interfering to each other in Tanzania.