Kitulo Plateau National Park

kitulo flowerKitulo Plateau National Park is great floral spectacles of world with flowers species in the tropical region of Africa. Kitulo is a botanical marvel attracting botanists’ with over 350 species of vascular plants include 45 varieties of terrestrial orchid which erupt into a riotous wildflower display of breathtaking scale and diversity during rainy season.

kitulo plateau national parkLocated around 2,600m above sea level between peaks of Kipengere / Livingstone and Poroto Mountains it covers 412sq km of fertile volcanic soil supporting wide varieties of plants, birds and wild animals. Known for floral significance with multitude orchids other varieties include giant lobelias, geraniums, yellow orange red hot poker, aloe variety and aster daisies.

Kitulo plateau is a botanist, hiker’s paradise and for birdwatchers bird species spotted include denham bustard, blue swallow, mountain marsh widow, njombe cisticola and kipengere seedeater with other endemic species of butterfly, chameleon, lizard and frog.