Accommodation in East Africa varies according to its location, surrounding environment, type and size, style, price and level of comfort ability. Within East Africa there are different categories of accommodation facilities and services ranging from budget to luxury. Popular safari accommodation within East Africa includes hotels & lodges, guesthouses, resorts, tented camps, mobile camps, private houses and Campsite Areas.

Hotels & Lodges
Lodges tend to be of permanent construction with rooms built of stone or wood. Most will have en-suite bathrooms with running hot and cold water. Some lodges have interconnecting rooms or family cottages and other facilities are likely to include dining and bar areas, swimming pools, library, etc.

Tented Camp
Tented camp offers more comfort ability deep within the wilderness area with large tents well equipped with proper beds and furniture, adjoining bathrooms and flush toilets. Tented camps have central dining and bar areas and some have swimming pools.

Mobile Tented Camp
A mobile tented is a camping style where tents are set up for you in remote, beautiful settings and in areas to maximize game viewing. Actual accommodation varies from simple dome tents to luxurious, classic style safari tents. Due to frequent movement of camp they can’t be able to have running water and facilities in the wilderness area hence they offer bucket showers and long or short drop loos while meals taken outside with supper under the stars.

Bush Camp
These are remote versions of tented camp and often taken down at the end of a season so may also be called semi permanent camps. Some of them are canvas tents and others constructed with timber. Most of them offers en-suite bathrooms but with long drop loos and bucket showers rather than running water. Most bush camps have simple bar and dining areas for guests to congregate in at the end of the day.

Private Houses
There are private houses appointed with en-suite bedrooms, comfortable lounge and dining areas. Many have private pools and large garden areas. Dedicated guides and vehicles can also be arranged for guests staying in private houses.

Campsites Area
There private areas within wildlife areas, town and villages dedicated for camping services. The area includes private campsites and public campsites were you can get all available services include toilets, kitchen, bathrooms and camping ground.